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Abby Brass Buckle Black Belt
Eliza R. (Victoria, Australia)
Height: 163cm
Size Purchased: 1
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 8
Fit: Very good
Fabric: Quality
Quality, elegant, modern

Beautiful design, elevates any outfit

Kay Burnt Orange Top
Katherine H. (Washington, United States)
Height: 5 feet 2 inches (157.5 cm)
Size Purchased: 6
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 6
Fit: Tight bodice, cropped
Fabric: Soft, thick, quality linen
Simple, elegant, chic

I love the cropped style and how snug it fits. The front buttons are simple and elegant. It's a warm, darker orange that pairs well with lots of other colors. Overall I am extremely satisfied!

Fred Oat Linen Blazer
Lauren T. (Oregon, United States)
Height: 170cm
Size Purchased: 8
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 8
Fit: Slightly oversized
Fabric: So nice
Structured but soft, beautifully made

Thank you Caves Collect for making such well-made, functional, and gorgeous lifetime staples. Beautifully constructed and it elevates any outfit. Perfectly polished outer layer for spring-summer. I really appreciated the customer service from the team as well.

Ada Oat Linen Shorts
Harriet R. (New South Wales, Australia)
Height: 1.71
Size Purchased: 8
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 8
Fit: Perfect
Fabric: Super high quality
Classic, tailored and flattering

Incredible shape. Beautiful quality linen.

Height: 167 cm
Size Purchased: 8
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 6-8
Fit: perfect
Fabric: love the heavy linen
comfortable, flattering, stylish

Great design.

Lena Navy Rib Merino Skivvy
Belinda S. (Victoria, Australia)
Height: 5ft 8inch
Size Purchased: 16
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 12-14
Fit: Perfect
Fabric: Very Happy
Classic, Refined, Stylish

Great length, color and neck not too tight.

Yu Tailored Black Linen Pants
Natalie T. (Oregon, United States)
Height: 5 foot 6 inches
Size Purchased: 10
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 10
Fit: Perfect. The hem is a little long intentionally!
Fabric: The fabric is very high quality.
Classic, comfortable, Versatile

I really love the design of these pants, they fit very well in the waist, and the length is nice because it makes them versatile - you can dress them up or wear them on errands and not feel like a slob

Yu Tailored Oat Linen Pants
Constance F. (England, United Kingdom)
Height: 178 cm
Size Purchased: 12
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 12
Fit: Neat
Fabric: Beautiful fabric
Stylish, classic, tailored

Smart, elegant and with clean lines

Lucy Classic Stripe Cotton Shirt
T.Z. (Indiana, United States)
Height: 5'4
Size Purchased: 8
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 8
Fit: Oversize, comfortable
Fabric: Excellent quality
Beautiful fabric and shape

The color and sizing of the stripes is spot on. The perfect classic style.

Kate Navy Wool Pants
Leyla K. (California, United States)
Height: 5'5"
Size Purchased: AU 8
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 8
Fit: Straight, loose
Fabric: Extremely sophisticated
Tailored, Crisp, Sophisticated

I loved the details on the side with the fasteners. The pleating give it a classic look. The fabric is very high quality. They were a little long for me, but not an issue.

Yu Tailored Twill Black Wool Pants
Amy W. (New South Wales, Australia)
Height: 171 cm
Size Purchased: 12
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 10-12
Fit: Fits true to size but long - fits over my boots and almost to the ground when not rolled
Fabric: Good quality
Already a staple in my wardrobe

I was a little nervous spending so much on a pair of pants I hadn't tried on, but I'm very happy with the quality. The fabric is a nice light/medium weight, the seams are bound, and I appreciate the small detail of an extra hook at the top of the zipper to keep it from pulling open. The only downside is that I had intended to wear these rolled up, but the fabric doesn't keep a fold very well. I ended up ironing the cuff and this works okay, but it's not as reliable as I would like.

Kate Tan Cotton Pants
Gabriella (Victoria, Australia)
Height: 175 cm
Size Purchased: 8
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 8
Fit: Fits well but the legs are quite long - will definitely need to have them hemmed
Fabric: Lovely lightweight and high quality fabric
Beautiful, timeless, comfortable

These pants are beautifully made and very comfortable. They can be dressed up or down and would be suitable for warm and cold weather. I love them!

Height: 169
Size Purchased: 8
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 8
Fit: I think it fits every morphology. The high waist highlight the waist and the legs seems longer.
Fabric: I like it, maybe a little bit more thin than the other I bought in grey wick is also made with wool. But the quality is still very great.
Classic, sophisticated and elegant

I love the design, it is really hard to find pants like this. Specially in my country.

Alice Navy Lyocell Pants
Jannah P. (New South Wales, Australia)
Height: 5.2 ft
Size Purchased: 6
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 6
Fit: Excellent
Fabric: Good
Flattering, well made, good fit

Suits my frame (short/petite)

Yu Tailored Black Linen Pants
Phenpitcha W. (New South Wales, Australia)
Height: 155
Size Purchased: 6 - the smallest size
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 4
Fit: I love how the pants fit me however, I need to spend more money on alteration to get it right. It would be really great if you make size 4!
Fabric: I love the material. Would love to see you use the fabric that doesn't get wrinkles so easily tho.
Comfy Classic Long

I love the design but I think it's way too long.

Kate Navy Linen Pants
Anna A. (Victoria, Australia)
Height: 156cm
Size Purchased: 6
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 6-8
Fit: Fit is fantastic (once I had them taken up quite a lot with Caves Collect did for me)
Fabric: The fabric is beautiful and I love the depth of the colour.
Timeless capsule piece.

I'm so happy with these pants - my first purchase from Caves Collect but definitely won't be my last. I have already had so many comments and feel so good in them.

Kate Black Twill Wool Pants
Madeleine S. (Land Berlin, Germany)
Height: 174
Size Purchased: 6
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 6-8
Fit: Snug but not too tight.
Fabric: I got the wool ones, and I love how the fabric feels and moves/ looks
Timeless, sleek, high quality

The design is stunning, I love the details but focus on over all simplicity. I have yet to find a brand whose trousers fit me as well as these and the Yu tailored pants. (I own both)

Kate Tan Cotton Pants
L.M. (New Jersey, United States)
Height: 6ft
Size Purchased: 8
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 26/27 US pant size
Fit: Fitted, but incredibly comfortable.
Fabric: Very high quality with great drape.
timeless, classic, comfortable

These pants are so comfortable, well made, and flattering. They have quickly become my everyday pants. The day I wore these for the first time, I quickly ordered two more pairs made of wool.

Kate Navy Linen Pants
Emilie S. (California, United States)
Height: 5'7"
Size Purchased: 12
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 8-10
Fit: I sized up because of the adjustable waist.
Fabric: Absolutely luxurious and comfortable
Functional tailored luxury

Beautifully tailored. Love the adjustable waist.

Yu Tailored Oat Linen Pants
Jasmine M. (New South Wales, Australia)
Height: 5'4
Size Purchased: 10
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 8-10
Fit: Perfect - the length is a bit long for my legs but this is easily fixed with tailoring or folding it up
Fabric: So comfy and this the type of linen that's not too flimsy. It has some weight to it which I love.
Comfy and timeless

Similar to my reaction to the Kate Tan Cotton Pants - the CC team have delivered again! The fabric on these are of an impeccable quality. They fit so well and I do love how they look with a belt! Like the Kate pants, it meets my very important standard of being able to eat in them without them feeling constricting haha :)

Kate Tan Cotton Pants
Fia T. (Queensland, Australia)
Height: 171cm
Size Purchased: 8
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 8-10
Fit: Tapered, firm around the waist
Fabric: Love love the fabric
Casual, simple, like butter

Love the pants in this fabric. Like the tapered look, perfect for uni

Jo Silver Buckle Belt- Tan
Tracey (Victoria, Australia)
Height: 5’4”
Size Purchased: Small
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 6
Fit: True to size
Fabric: Beautiful leather
Neat, simple, perfect

I had been looking for a simple tan leather belt and was happy to find this one. It’s beautiful and I love the silver buckle. Fits perfectly.

Kate Tan Cotton Pants
Jessica C. (Western Australia, Australia)
Height: Around 5 foot 7
Size Purchased: The size 10
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): Around 8/10
Fit: They were a little loose but I’ve taken them in :)
Fabric: Very comfortable
Timeless, comfortable, and elegant

I love the design, especially the button belt at the front! Mine did come a little too big but I didn’t mind as I’ve taken them in and they still look 👌

Ada Black Linen Shorts
Lauren W. (New South Wales, Australia)
Height: 183
Size Purchased: 9
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 8-10
Classic, elegant, staple

The perfect staple price

Abby Brass Buckle Black Belt
L. (New South Wales, Australia)
Height: 177cm
Size Purchased: Size 2
Reviewers Usual Size (AU): 10 - 12
Fit: For my measurements, the fit is perfect.
Fabric: It's lovely. Stiffer than I expected but I don't find that an issue.
Classic, stylish, elegant

It's really beautiful and practical - upgrades every outfit I wear it with! Glad I invested in it.