Clothing, knitwear and leather goods label Caves Collect was founded in 2014 by then housemates Johanna Howe and Sarah Russell. The brand uses premium Italian and Japanese fabrics, yarns and leather for all its designs.

In the early days Howe and Russell began by making all the clothing and leather goods themselves in house by hand. As the brand grew Howe and Russell set about finding other local makers in Melbourne to keep up with the demand. 

"Today we have built a network of relationships with amazing craftspeople in Melbourne and we proudly produce 100% of Caves Collect clothing, knitwear and leather goods right here in Melbourne. It is important to us to have personal relationships with the people who make our designs and to have the peace of mind that they are being paid a fair and living wage and working in safe working conditions in line with Australian labour standards." - JH

In mid 2022 Russell decided to exit the business following the birth of her first child and today Caves Collect is 100% independently owned and operated by Howe with the help of a wonderful and dedicated small team.